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Sustainability Manager


Welcome to the Office for Sustainability home page.

The Cambridge Public School District is committed to initiating, developing, and implementing sustainable practices, with the overarching goal of establishing a long-term, successful district sustainability protocol for the schools. With a primary focus on reduced energy use, cost savings, and ingrained sustainable practices, the district is utilizing the PFEWG™ model for systematic planning around sustainable practices in the areas of Products, Food, Energy, Waste, and Greenspace, providing a holistic approach to achieving environmental sustainability.

The Cambridge Green Schools Initiative (CGSI) launched in September 2011 with the aim of mobilizing and engaging school building occupants in district-wide sustainable practices.

To read more about CGSI, click here.

What is Sustainability?
planting.pngSustainability is our future. When we define this term, which was ultimately coined by former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem at the United Nations Brundtland Commission in 1983, we are talking about a unification of all sectors in an effort to take care of the planet. Read more >>

What is the Role of Sustainability in Education?
sust_educate.pngAs schools, we have a responsibility to make sustainability a top priority because we have both an environmental responsibility to reduce our impact on the planet, and because schools educate students and the community at large. Read more >>

"Energy-Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects"
solar.pngThe Office for Sustainability is committed to lowering the school district’s carbon footprint and saving money by implementing energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects. Since the hiring of the Sustainability Manager in 2010 the school department has had a banner two years completing numerous energy-savings projects and cutting costs and energy use. The Sustainability Manager analyzes each school’s energy data on a regular basis, and works in partnership with the Department of Public Works, Nstar, and Prism Energy to prioritize building projects based on greatest energy use. Click here to see a chart of all energy projects completed since 2010.


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