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Season's Greetings From The Superintendent

There are many wonderful aspects to being a school superintendent, but calling "snow days" is not one of them. In this case, anxiety produces poetry...]

'Twas the week 'fore vacation, when all through the schools
The grown-ups were scurrying and trying to keep cool;
Their briefcases bulged with work to get done
Before the holidays, when the time came for fun;

The students were itchy to leave their worktables
And head for their homes where they'd surely be able
To dream sugar-plum dreams in their childhood heads,
Tucked safely away in their toasty warm beds;

When alas came the news in a form meteorological,
The kind that causes breakdowns of the type psychological:
Sleigh routes now must at once be re-arranged
For reliable sources claimed the jet stream had changed;

The phone lists were placed by the bedsides with care
In fear the nor'easter soon would be there,
The administrators were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of snowplows danced in their heads;

Children conjured images of snowballs and skating
Yet I could foresee a dawn of debating;
The weatherman said the snow would be deep
So we all settled down for a tormented night's sleep;

When morning arrived, the blanketed streets
Made even us grinches remember the sweets
That come with a day when the world takes a rest
And the joy and relief of a cancelled tough test;

But being from Cambridge, where we're so dedicated,
We determined our students still could be educated,
Hence the clarion call, heard from miles away:
"Cambridge Public Schools: open today!

On teachers, On principals, On Turk and Maloney,
We can't fear the snow, the forecast is phony."
And then at the moment of highest suspense
The superintendent himself got a dose of good sense;

So donning his boots, his scarf and his hat,
Outside he flew, and in the snow he sat,
Thinking, "Maybe this once, we can go another way...
Cambridge Public Schools: no school today!"

The kids in the city, and all the grown-ups too,
Awoke with bewilderment to see what was new,
A day of repose had arrived after all,
The kind of day most of us happily recall;

You all work so hard, we all do our best,
Vacation is here, so let's give it a rest,
Today let us all bring each other good cheer,
Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good year!

Jeffrey M. Young
Superintendent of Schools


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